Website Content Features

Your Own Content
Add your own content to your site with our easy-to-use Content Management System. This allows you to instantly integrate the content you want at any given time.

Cash Grain Bids
Add reliable and accurate cash bids, including historical cash bids, onto your site. Allow your customers to easily view bids with custom charts and displays.

Futures Quote Displays
Display futures and commodity markets with standard and customizable displays, snapshots or scrolling tickers.

USDA Cash Bids
Display USDA reported cash bids on your site. Provided from major U.S. locations, this is reliable information your users are looking for.

Add charts to your site with a variety of technical indicators and data. Our charts are easy-to-use and provide information clearly for your users convenience.

Market Commentary
Add commentary to your website from a professional expert in the industry. Commentary is updated 3x a day and covers corn, soybeans, wheat, livestock and cotton.

Spread Quotes and Charts
Add calendar spread quotes to your site easily. This gives you the ability to chart displays, snapshots and scrolling tickers.

Add reliable and breaking news to your site. Our news sources come from many different partners including;, Associated Press,, Ag Market Professional, plus many more.

Easily set-up your own custom portfolio or watchlist. Custom portfolios help keep track of the commodities and information you need throughout the day.

RSS Feeds/ Custom News
Display RSS feeds from local news, weather, sports or media sites. With RSS feeds, your users can access the information they need quickly.

Stock Market Quote Displays
Display local companies, agricultural sectors or look-up specific quotes. This allows you and your site’s users to receive all of the information they need on one site.

Add your own blogs with our Content Management System. This is the perfect way to add your own content and information your users enjoy reading.

Add local and regional weather to your website. Includes current conditions, forecasts and maps all provided from reliable weather centers.

USDA Reports
Comprehensive directory of all USDA reports. Provides your users with accurate and informative reports they rely on.
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