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Training Schedule

Training Schedule

All classes will start at 3 PM CST. You are welcome to join late if you are registered, but you may miss sections of class.

The instructor will go through the class in its entirety before taking any questions. Please be prepared to take notes so you may ask the instructor questions at the conclusion of class. If needed, you may set up a one-on-one GoToMeeting to review your specific questions. This will allow for the class to run smoothly and finish on time.

To reserve your spot in a class, please use the registration links below. To set up a one-on-one GoToMeeting, please register here.

Contact AgriCharts Support Team For All Classes:
877-247-4394 ext. 2 or email

AgriCharts Upcoming Classes

General Administration System Overview
Join Support Manager Tyler Bottoms as he covers the New AgriCharts Administration website. This brief course will cover the different aspects of the website including how to add pages and custom content, color editing and content adjustment. At the end of the overview we will have a Q & A session. (approximate time 25 minutes)
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Cash Bids Management
A review of how to manage your cash bids, including manual entry, uploading cash bids and automated cash bid update processes. We will also review cash bids display features on the website. (approximate time 20 minutes)
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Site Design and Layout
Learn about color schemes, templates, and custom CSS. Also learn how to manage your pictures and logos. (approximate time 20 minutes)
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Custom Pages and Navigation
Learn how to develop custom pages, such as "Our Services", "Our Products", and "Meet the Staff". (approximate time 20 minutes)
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File Management
Learn how to upload pictures, pdfs, and other media files. You'll also learn how to place and link these on your website using menus, custom pages and your home page. (approximate time 25 minutes)
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E-Mail and Text Message Alerts and Management
Learn how to insert, edit and delete users to your mailing list. Also learn how to send out e-mail and text messages using both automatic (scheduled) and manual sends for cash bids, futures quotes, weather and custom messages. Also get tips on how to set up your website to be "customer friendly". (approximate time 30 minutes)
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AgPlus Training Session
Cover the Basics of the AgPlus Delayed and Real-Time products including how to look up quotes, charts and custom pages.
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