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Commodity Data APIs

AgriCharts OnDemand features a variety of commodity market data and information APIs providing access to futures market prices, grain bids, futures contract specifications and expirations, agricultural news and commentary, weather and tools like charts and leaderboards. AgriCharts OnDemand provides real-time, delayed, end-of-day and historical market data. Explore our APIs below.




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Price Data

API Resources Description

Custom Data

The getData API is a custom query to request any combination of market data fields we make available. Please Contact Us to design a custom getData API.


Real-Time, Delayed, End-of-Day

The getQuote API is used to request price data, either real-time, delayed or end-of-day, by symbol. In addition to Last Price or Settlement, other fields such as Open, High, Low, Close, Bid, Ask, 52-week high and low, and more are available.



The getQuoteEod API is used to request end-of-day price data from world-wide exchanges using exchange MIC codes.


The getHistory API is used to request historical time series data including tick, minute and end-of-day market data.


The getFuturesOptions API provides price and volatility data for options on Futures contracts.


The getSpecialOptions API provides Intraday data for short-dated, and weekly futures options.

Cash Grain Bids

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The getGrainBids API provides intra-day and end-of-day cash grain bids for locations throughout the United States and Canada covering corn, soybeans and wheat markets.


The getUSDAGrainPrices API provides daily cash grain bids and prices for locations throughout the United States covering corn, wheat, oats and soybean markets.

Leaderboards and Lists

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The getLeaders API provides leaderboard lists for equities, futures, forex, mutual funds and ETFs, including most active, gainers, losers, what's hot and what's not hot.


The getHighsLows API provides lists for new 52-week highs or 52-week lows based on exchange and asset type.

Charts and Analytics

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The getChart API is used to request a custom chart image with variables such as chart type, size, period and technical indicators, based on a symbol.


The getTechnicals API provides technical data and statistics for equities, indices, futures, forex and funds based on symbol. Fields include moving averages, percent changes over different time periods and stochastics.


The getScreener API provides the ability to screen for stocks, index, mutual fund, ETF or futures instruments that meet a custom set of criteria.


The getSignal API provides the Barchart Technical Opinion / Signal (buy, sell or hold) based on a variety of short, medium and long-term technical indicators based on a symbol.

News and Weather

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API Resources Description

The getNews API returns news headlines, articles and related photos based upon news sources, category, sub-category and/or keyword.


The getNewsSources API provides access to public news sources and your permissions per source.


The getNewsCategories API provides access to news source category and sub-category data.


The getWeather API provides current conditions, forecasts, and maps based on zip code.

Meta Data

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The getInstrumentDefinition API is available to request meta data on financial instruments by symbol or exchange. Meta data includes instrument names, exchange codes, tick increments, base codes, expiration dates and more.


The getFuturesSpecifications API provides contract information such as trading hours, contract size and tick size for futures contracts.


The getFuturesExpiration API provides first notice and last trade dates for futures contracts.


The getFuturesOptionsExpirations API provides last trade dates for options on futures contracts.