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Cloud-based market
data and API solutions
for agribusinesses

Amazon web servies
API Solutions.

API Solutions.

Integrate commodity/futures prices, cash grain bids, news, and weather into custom websites, mobile apps, software and back-office systems.

Seamless Integration.

Seamless Integration.

Leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based technology and infrastructure with easy-to-use web services APIs.



Pay for only the data you need. We offer flexible market data solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Use AgriCharts OnDemand to:

Integrate Futures Prices into Websites

With AgriCharts OnDemand you can easily and seamlessly integrate grain, livestock, energy and any other futures market data into your website. Our APIs include access to real-time, delayed, end-of-day and historical market data, and are fully documented and available to be set-up and used instantly.

Build Mobile Apps with Grain and Livestock Market Prices

Easily integrate commodity market data and information into native or web-based apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. Our web services APIs are operating system independent and can be conveniently tied into your mobile app. Access market prices, grain bids, news, weather and more.

Cash Grain Bid Data

Through AgriCharts we can manage cash grain bid data and make this information available for display and distribution purposes. Whether you are looking to distribute your own grain bids or access an API containing data on 1,000s of grain locations across the United States and Canada, AgriCharts offers these solutions.

Power Charts and Tools

With our on-demand service historical data is at your fingertips. Our getHistory API offers instant access to historical end-of-day, intraday (minutes) and tick data. Whether you are looking to power charting software, tools or back-office applications our on-demand solutions provide what you need.

Power your Software Apps with Commodity Data

As a web services solution, AgriCharts OnDemand is not tied to any one programming language or operating system. AgriCharts OnDemand features SOAP or GET/POST, and is compatible with your applications whether you are developing in Java, PHP, ASP.NET or Python, or running Linux, Windows, iOS or Android.

Build Mobile Text and Email Alerts into your Website

With AgriCharts OnDemand you can integrate our hosted text messaging and email alert system into your own custom website or application. With this service you can keep your customers advised of the latest market prices, grain bids, weather and custom alerts.