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Email and Text Alerts


Email and Text Alerts

Send Market Alerts to Your Customers!

Give your customers the market information they need by using AgriCharts Email and Mobile Text Alerts. A web-based application to easily send Futures Market Updates, Your Cash Grain Bids, Custom Messages, Newsletters, and Weather Alerts via Email and Mobile Text Message.

Distributed two ways:

  • Push—Use AgriCharts Email and Mobile Text Alerts to send a message to your customers via email and mobile text to your customers
    as a single, one time blast, or on a regular scheduled basis, automatically. View Example
  • Customized Updates—Let your customers use AgriCharts Email and Mobile Text Alerts on their own by creating and managing their own schedule of alerts from your website. View Example

Inside each email or text message you can include:

  • Futures, Stock, and Index quotes
  • Cash grain bids
  • Weather conditions and forecasts
  • Advertisements
  • Custom Text
  • Custom Headers, Footers, and Subjects
  • Graphic images

*AgriCharts can host this service or provide a more advanced solution which enables you to embed AgriCharts Email and Mobile Text Alerts seamlessly into a third party website.

Email and Text Examples
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