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Agricharts is your one-stop-shop for agricultural market intelligence. From our global market data APIs to our best-in-class cash grain bid data base, we can provide the critical data sets your organization needs.

Taking it to the next level, explore our new alternative data sets, including our cash grain price assessments and forward curves, as well as our Crop+ Growing Condition indexes, both available at various levels of geographical granularity.

Proprietary Data Sets

Cash Grain Bids

With over 3500 locations and the cleanest historical data available, Agricharts is “best-in-class” in providing the most valuable cash market price information. Get a full view of the competitive landscape across North American corn, beans and wheat.

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Alternative Data Sets

We’ve taken physical markets information to the next level. Our proprietary and patent pending cmdtyIndexes deliver new value by transforming information to clear insights. Whether our cmdty Cash Price Indexes or our cmdty Crop+ Growing Condition Indexes, you will benefit from new insights not available anywhere else on the planet.

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Market APIs

Data Solutions

Agricharts OnDemand delivers the broadest array of robust and real time or delayed market data feeds, including futures and options data from global exchanges. Easily integrate JSON or XML feeds into your web site, mobile applications or back office services.

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"company": "StateLine Cooperative",
"locationId": 958,
"location": "Bancroft",
"facility_type": "Country Elevator",
"address": "221 West Ramsey Street",
"city": "Bancroft",
"state": "IA",
"lng": -94.21926,
"lat": 43.292981,
"phone": "515-885-2642",
"url": "",
"zip": "50517",
"county": "Kossuth County",
"basisTimestamp": "2018-03-21T10:08:09-05:00"

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