Grain Offer System Features

The AgriCharts Grain Offer System (GOS) is a new web-based and mobile platform for creating, managing and monitoring online grain offers from farmers.
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Hosting Features — Web Services

For Grain Merchandisers

  • Monitor your grain elevator's farmer offer queue against real-time or delayed CBOT prices.
  • Receive text message and/or email notifications of offer order changes and matching statuses.
  • Download and sort reports of all current and archived offer activity.
  • Receive notice when offers are within a specified value away from matching.
  • Create offers on the fly for a Farmer.
  • Easily create and view Farmer accounts on your custom dashboard.

For Farmers

  • Register, subscribe and login to your own version of the Grain Offer System to begin creating and managing online offers to your grain elevator.
  • Easily create and cancel your own offers.
  • Receive text and/or email notifications of offer order changes.
  • Download and sort reports of your current offer activity and history.
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