Grain Merchandising Overview

AgriCharts offers a variety of grain merchandising platforms to provide you with easy-to-use solutions for your daily trading needs.

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getGrainBids Lookup

Power your website and mobile apps with AgriCharts' new GetGrainBids Lookup tool.

AgriCharts collects local cash grain bids by zip code from around 3,500 grain buying facilities. The cash grain prices are updated while the markets are traded so your website users are seeing current grain prices, not yesterday's. Also, the basis is collected multiple times per day resulting in more accurate grain bids for your users. Another bonus with the AgriCharts Grain Bids feed is that our feed displays all commodities and all delivery periods for the grain elevators, not just the Old Crop-New Crop.

Data includes: cash grain bid per commodity, per delivery, and per location, basis, underlying futures price, grain elevator name, address and phone number.

Historical local grain bids are also available.


This service is available in two formats: A widget for your website or mobile app or as an API.

  • Widget
    This new HTML5 web content solution is available as a responsive design module which can be easily embedded on a website or mobile app.
  • APIs
    For users looking for a custom website or software integration, or to make this part of a trading or risk management system, the grain bid data is available through a rest-based on-demand web services API.   See getGrainBids API

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Cash Grain Bids

AgriCharts prides itself on being a leader in reliable and accurate cash grain bid calculations. We understand the importance of making and distributing cash grain bids in the most efficient way possible which is why we have created a platform that does just that. You will be able to distribute bids through your own website or while on-the-go through your mobile site, plus email and text message notifications.
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cash grain bids

Grain Offer System

The AgriCharts Grain Offer System (GOS) is a new web-based and mobile platform for creating, managing and monitoring online grain offers from farmers.

grain offer system

Futures Trading

Barchart Trader is a full featured, professional, flexible and integrated trading platform. Barchart Trader offers flexibility by providing customization options, multiple monitor support and a wide range of other features.

With Barchart Trader's integrated futures trading, you can route orders directly and use features like DOM, Chart Trader, or Trading from the Quote Board.

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