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Cash Bids

  • Reliable and accurate cash grain bid calculation
  • Efficient management with third-party syncing of bids


Cash Bids
  • Multiple bid display options, plus cash bid charts, historical data and real-time access
  • Distribution of bids through your own mobile website, plus email and text message alerts

AgriCharts Cash Bids

Reliable and accurate.
Elevators and co-ops perform a critical function in the supply and production chain of agriculture, and a key component to this function is making active markets for cash grain. We understand the critical need for making and distributing cash grain bids in today's environment, which is why cash grain bid management and distribution are major areas we focus on, and continually enhance. The AgriCharts platform is a leader in reliable and accurate cash grain bid calculation, as well as in innovative and effective cash grain bid distribution systems.

Our objective is to enhance the efficiency and accuracy in managing your bids, as well as increase loyalty to the markets you make. We achieve this by providing an easy-to-use cash bid management system that has the ability to integrate and sync with third-party offer management and accounting platforms, or even Excel or other databases. Or you can efficiently manage your bids directly through the AgriCharts cash bid system.

Distribution and display.
Calculating your bids is part one, part two is distributing and displaying them in useful ways. This includes standard displays with the ability to customize them by commodity, location and additional data fields. AgriCharts then offers value-added displays like: realtime cash bid access by subscription; your own cash bid charts, with "compare to" functionality for comparing charts of different bids or even basis; your own cash bid historical data; and, the ability to link bids to interactive maps of your locations. In addition, you can distribute your bids through a custom AgriCharts mobile website, and through our email and text messaging alert services.

For elevators and coops that do not use AgriCharts for website hosting, we still offer the ability to use our cash bid management and distribution/display services. AgriCharts will still host and manage the services and displays, yet you can seamlessly integrate them into your third-party hosted website.
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