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Why AgriCharts

Why Agricharts?

As a division of, Inc. , which also owns Commodity Research Bureau (CRB), AgriCharts knows website hosting, markets, news and weather! Our heritage dates back to 1934 with the founding of CRB. We have been providing website services and content since 1995. You can find Barchart and AgriCharts website services on 1,000s of websites in the financial, agricultural, energy and media sectors. And, when it comes to commodity markets, is the #1 futures market website!

  • Ask our customers.
    Read what some of our customers say about AgriCharts.

  • We want your website to be custom and unique.
    This starts with the planning of your site’s design, layout, menus and content. Not only do we design custom logos and layouts, we will help you get the most of your website by providing the content and online services your visitors depend on.

  • Easy transition.
    We make it easy to transition to AgriCharts by first planning the transition and then building a live demo website for you before you make the switch. Once the demo site is “live” and ready for launch, we then make the switch. Our staff has years of experience in transferring websites to our platform.

  • Your website should enhance your customer relationships.
    We want you to develop loyal website visitors who come back to your website often for information about your products and services, market quotes, cash grain bids, news, weather and announcements.

  • Your website should enhance your business operations.
    Whether AgriCharts makes it easier to manage your cash grain bids or
    streamlines your communication with your customers, our website services
    are designed to make your overall business more efficient.

  • Useful content and tools.
    AgriCharts goes beyond standard tools, like quotes and charts, and provides even more tools that your customers will thank you for, like cash grain bid charts, historical market data and bids, spread charts, local news feeds, plus over 12 major sources of agricultural related news and commentary.

  • Technology.
    Our systems are state-of-the-art and are built with the latest web technology. We also constantly enhancement our platform and content as we actively encourage feedback and suggestions from our customers.

  • Customer Service.
    Our customers mean everything to us. With AgriCharts you will truly be impressed with the quality and reliability of our customer service.
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