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Kansas City Board of Trade

Kansas City Board of Trade
"We value and appreciate the personal attention we receive from the people at Barchart. For years we have used Barchart to display crucial market data on our website."
— Jeff Borchardt, President Frontier Cooperative
"My experiences with AgriCharts and their staff has been nothing but positive. Carrie came and presented your service and, honestly, she sold me right away. I was just getting the wheel moving as to finding a new web host when she met with me, and the timing couldn't have been better. By the end of that same day, I had the right people convinced to make the switch. The switch was smooth and prompt. All our locations were set up in a timely manner and I had zero complaints. To me there is nothing worse than paying for a service that doesn't provide service. Overall, I'd give the switch-over an A+.

To speak more about the service you provide … Tyler was very patient with me in the beginning and had everything ready to go for me when I finally had time to focus and customize our site. Anything that I had questions about or needed help with was done right away… I would send an email and I would have an answer within 15 minutes. Like I said before, taking care of the customer is very important to me, and without a doubt Tyler has done a fabulous job. I have nothing but praise for the two individuals that I worked with in your company. I'm very happy and impressed with everything! I've received calls from other businesses in our industry and they have asked me questions about AgriCharts and what they offer, and I tell them the same thing. Great job, Carrie and Tyler!"

— Brad Stranberg
Harrold Terminal Harrold Terminal, LLC
"When our company made the decision to set up a new homepage with AgriCharts, the process of constructing a website from scratch seemed daunting. In reality, the process went smoothly despite my limited website building skills.  Working with a pre-made demo site—which nearly encompassed everything we needed—left a minimal amount of customization work on our part.  The web building tools were logical and easy to use, and in the instances that I did need assistance, the technical support team at AgriCharts was available, knowledgeable and immediately completed tasks that I neither had the time nor ability to accomplish.  We couldn't be more happy with the end product, but more importantly, our customers love the new look and feel of our new homepage along with the abundance of new information they can access."
— Kevin R. Kjorsvik, Origination Manager
American Ag Radio Network Learfield/Brownfield Ag News
"A big gold star for the AgriCharts Support Team. When we began helping our friends at the American Ag Network re-do their website, the question of market data and ag weather came up and we encouraged them to look first at AgriCharts. We have worked with them for several years on and knew the content was first rate and the support has been exceptional.

As with any project like this, there's lots of starts and stops and tweaks, with endless emails back and forth. A little like helping your wife rearrange the furniture in the living room ("Wait... I've changed my mind... put the sofa back where it was.") Throughout the process, the AgriCharts Support Team has been amazingly patient and responsive.

I should also say a word or two about the tools (admin dashboard, etc) provided by AgriCharts. Really first rate. Intuitive and easy-to-use. Working with AgriCharts has been like having your own support folks in the next room."

— Steve Mays, Vice President
Learfield/Brownfield Ag News
West-Con West-Con Coop
"If you are tired of your company's website looking the same as your competition and want a jump start, look into AgriCharts. The AgriCharts staff is a professional team of talented individuals providing the help and ideas to make your website operate successfully and advertise your business. Also, the market information and charting platforms are excellent tools to help keep your customers informed. West-Con is very pleased with the results AgriCharts delivers and would recommend their web hosting services to other companies."
— Chris A.
New Coop New Coop (
"The custom cash bid display has allowed us the ability to keep the eye appealing and branding design of our website, while correctly displaying the cash bid information our members are requesting when visiting our site. It is important we are able to reach our customers with up-to-date and quality information. The custom cash bid service utilized through AgriCharts allows us to provide this to our customers within the space, look, and feel we have developed."
— Afton Holt
Lincolnland Agri-energy, LLC

Lincolnland Agri-energy, LLC
"The professional AgriCharts staff customized our website to suit multiple needs. We now have an easy to update and modify website that provides users access to timely, valuable information."
— Mimi A.
"AgriCharts is our choice for market information. The excellent support, accurate data and quality of the information that is supplied by AgriCharts is the reason."
— Website Editor
Rural Radio Network Rural Radio Network - KRVN - KNEB - KTIC
"As a programmer, it was refreshing to be able to talk to salespeople that spoke my language. The process moved along quickly and I was confident that our needs were understood correctly. We couldn't be happier with Barchart's service or reliability!"
— Bryan Thompson
EFarm Market News EFarm Market News
"The Ontario grain farmer has grown to rely on the impartial and up-to-the minute market reports from Farm Market News.  We have provided this service from the Ridgetown Campus for 20 years.  When I saw the performance of the AgriCharts Cash Bid Include product, I knew Ontario farmers would eat it up.  I like the efficiency and clean look of the display and behind scenes, even I can manage the technology and that is saying something!  Keep up the great work, AgriCharts!"
—John Jordan
Montana Market Manager Montana Market Manager
"We chose Agricharts as the data provider for our marketing website because our users need the most comprehensive, concise information available. The customer service for our specialized needs has been outstanding and our users are especially pleased with the premium Barchart custom charting capabilities that help them with critical marketing decisions."
—Lola Raska, Executive Vice President
"The amazing team at AgriCharts was great to work with. They listened to our needs, created and customized, and the outcome was a Agriculture Market Center that fit our needs and the needs of our customers. We now have the ability to provide the Canadian Agriculture Industry with immediate access to crop and livestock markets right on our website. I would recommend AgriCharts to anyone looking for top notch commodities information and a top notch team to work with."
— Tracy Stateline Cooperative
"StateLine Cooperative has been using AgriCharts as our website administrator since 2008. We feel that AgriCharts website provides our customers with the best resources for charting futures, cash prices and basis. This allows our customers to develop marketing plans using historical price data from our website. We also use the website to distribute information to our Board members. You can distribute larger file sizes from a website than you can by attaching information on an email format. We have our cash bids synchronized with our accounting software. We adjust our cash bids within our accounting software and then update our website with one more click of the keyboard. Our customers can check cash bids, futures prices and look at weather without any ads popping up or someone tracking their activities. We find many customers starting to register themselves on our website so that they can customize some of the website to their needs. "
— Dean Kohlmeyer
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Chicago, IL 60606
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